About Akshobhya Kavitha

Akshobhya Kavitha is passionate about helping people heal themselves on an energetic level through guided meditations, sound therapy, candle therapy etc. With a diverse background and amazing skillsets, she has transformed the lives of clients from all types of backgrounds and their personal and professional life has gone to the next level.

In 2008,she learnt fengshui under a renowned fengshui monk for 3 years.From 2011,she has been written many articles and delivered public speeches. She is now moving to authentic fengshui as she has many satisfied clients and also has conducted many seminars about the positive energy and univenergy. Her only goal is which goes back to original concept of positive and negative QI.

Akshobya fengshui consultation zen meditation-univenergy connector. kavitha krishmoorthy has a special gift for effectively transposing fengshui in to the context of contemporary life style.

Fengshui Consulting

She has a dedicated passion for her work and for her clients success which is why her consulting focus on caring about people and people's soul connectivity of earth source and surrounding environment on basis of your date of birth. She believes that the art and science of fengshui must be shared and propagated. She has consulted and energised many people for their houses, apartments, buildings without demolishing. She also suggests new ideas to construct new buildings.


Akshobya zen meditation-univenergy's main goal is to make everyone to be positive and throw back their negative thoughts and energies. The only reason for many people, which make them not to achieve their success is their evil thoughts and it's effectiveness. So, she wants to make every one successful in their own way with Akshobya's positive and wellness energy.


Analyse your date of birth by akshobya's fengshui method to improve your health,wealth,your children's studies and everything with your apropriate direction.

Akshobya zen meditation converting a man's magnetic power into universal magnetic power and make them lead a happy,healthy and wealthy life by Akshobya's meditating skills.

For those who don't have the time to spend for the meditation,make them do meditation in working time Removing the negative energies of environment in man's life by fengshui.